Nitro 0.25.0 released

This is the first in a series of releases focused on stability and refinement. Many bugs where fixed, the high level api was improved where needed, and we still got some small but incredibly useful new features.

  • Support for constrained / scoped queries in Og
  • Dynamic auto generators, you can now query the database in English.
  • Added experimental version of a new schema evolution system.
  • Template morphing now handles nested elements.
  • Added some useful helpers to make the code you write cleaner.
  • New, improved, clean taggable implementation. This new implementation supports polymorphism.
  • Added useful StaticInclude as a separate compiler module to act as the first stage in the compilation pipeline.
  • Integrated latest versions of Prototype, Scriptaculous, KirbyBase and facets.
  • General code cleanup and refactoring.