Eternal Darkness

I am a big fan of Nintendo, and in fact I love my GameCube. Great design and games. Lately I got a copy of Eternal Darkness for 15€. Let me tell you something, this game is utterly brilliant. Even though my time is extremely limited, I managed to play it a little bit following a walkthrough. Just incredible, a game for a mature audience certainly, with great atmosphere. I am hearing that Silicon Knights (the developer) is working on a new Trilogy called Too Human for Xbox 360. The best reason to buy Microsoft’s console (along with Guild of Wars).

Let me close with the finishing remark from an Eternal Darkness review:

Simply put, an amazing achievement that shouldn’t be overlooked. Games do not come any better than this. The greatest insanity of all would be to avoid playing it. You know what needs to be done. Buy. Do not hesitate. Go now!