PS3 is the new Amiga

Over the last year or so, I was very amused by the articles foretelling the demise of Sony and declaring that PS3 will be a flop.

Granted, XBox’s hardware is extremely well designed (6 symmetric threads, unified shaders, etc), Microsoft’s software infrastructure is top notch( XNA anyone?) and there are so many great games in the pipeline (Gears of Wars, Halo 3, Too Human to name but a few).

And what can I say about Wii. I just love it. I love the name, the design, the controller, everything (well except of the childish channel menu and Mii).

But I think PS3 is on a league of its own. It is a computer not a console! The days of home computers like Atari ST and Amiga are back. Sony encourages us to run Linux on this great machine. I can’t wait to start coding on this little beast. And the price? It is just great. Compare the price to an Apple Mac Mini and you will realize it is extremely cheap!

PS3 will be the ultimate home computer!

PS: As you understand, I am going to buy all three consoles. It’s a pity I don’t have the time to play all these great games nowadays.