PlayStation 3 in Greece

Now that was a surprise. Yesterday, I was again at the Mall trying to buy something for my girlfriend. Of course I had to visit my favorite stores (namely Fnac, Plaisio and Papasotiriou). While checking the latest stuff on the Video Game / Console section of Plaisio, I noticed some people unwrapping something. I got a little bit closer and had a look. OMG, it was a f**in PS3. This must be one of the first Playstations to arrive in Greece. I realize this is a demonstration machine (PS3 isn’t supposed to be available in Europe before March 2007) but wow, it was incredible to witness this great machine.

It really looks better in real life. Much better than XBox 360 for sure. I had to wait about 15 minutes until the machine was setup, the firmware updated and Resistance loaded. The game was nice, but placing this PS3 next to an Xbox 360 running Gears of War was very unfortunate. GoW looks out of this world!

Anyway, if you live in Greece and want to have a close look at Sony’s new machine, go to the Plaisio store in Mall Athens NOW!