Wii News Channel

Yesterday, I was preparing to leave my apartment and go to my parents house. I closed all the lights and while I was opening the door, I noticed my Wii glowing blue in the dark. 'Strange', I said while opening my TV. Some seconds later I was reading Nintendo's note in the Message Center. The Wii News Channel was ready for download. I was really curious so I closed the door and pressed the download button (oh, I love using the Wiimote as a pointer). A minute or so later, I was browsing the new interface.

It is just great! The ability to 'grab' the globe with the Wiimote and zoom into each country and see what's happening is just great. The news items themselves are quite lengthy and informative as well. They are provided by AP. I especially like the Slide-show feature: you can just lay on your sofa and watch random news on a rotating earth.

I really think that it is a shame that Wii (and DS) is a product of Nintendo. This lovely piece of hardware has so many possibilities, and I am not sure Nintendo is the right 'parent' for such a prodigy. More about this in a future post.