Nitro reloaded

What started as a simple cleanup, resulted in a total reimplementation of Nitro's internals. Over the last two weeks I have reorganized the directory structure, removed a lot of cruft that has accumulated over the years and implemented almost everything from scratch. The new code is extremely clean, elegant, readable and understandable (though I am saying this myself). A lot of infrequently used functionality is removed, but what stays is robust and polished. The code is so much more flexible.

This new version represents my sixth generation web framework (in 7 years). Every new version is becoming simpler and yet more powerful. The benefit of hindsight and the experience gained from extensive practical usage (not to mention the comments and suggestions of users) leads to a better software architecture.

If you are a Nitro (or Og) user, I suggest that you have a look at the repository version. Even though the repository version is unstable these days, as I frequently push new stuff, now is a great chance to review my changes and potentially propose better alternatives or identify problems. In a sense, it is your chance to make sure that Nitro will become your framework.