Let's draw!

One little known fact about me that I forgot to mention in this earlier article, is that I can paint. I usually like to do little pencil sketches or design logos but I have created some full-blown paintings as well. About a week ago, I learned that a new version of Inkscape was out. What I really like about this program is the sensible user interface. Everything works more or less like expected (often even better than expected). This is POLS (Principe Of Least Surprise) in a graphics program. I also had to draw a nice logo so I decided to give Inkscape a try (the new blur feature looked especially promising).

Attached to the end of this post you can find some images representing my first attempts. The graphics are not really original, I used some images for reference. I converted them to vectors and applied the colors using Inkscape’s intuitive tools. Hopefully, you will see more graphics by me in my future online projects. BTW, you can consider the last two pictures as a preview of the forthcoming update ;-)