IBM Annual Report

In the first months of every year, I anxiously wait for the release of IBM’s Annual Report. As I have already stated in this blog, IBM is my favourite company (Google is a close second). It is extremely interesting to read about their latest predictions for the future and their achievements over the past year on so many fronts: Science, Microelectronics, Software, Hardware, Business management etc.

According to the report, they have allocated up to $100 million to explore 10 promising new business opportunities. I especially dig:

  • Quick and affordable Business computing. After selling the PC division to Lenovo, I would expect IBM to launch a new hardware device. A Wii-like always connected machine with IBM’s legendary design would make me happy!
  • A new dimension of the Internet. 3d Virtual environments are the future. I am wondering if IBM cooperated with Sony on PlayStation Home.

Go, download and enjoy the report now!