Meet beautiful Greek people

As you already know, I am the mastermind behind (and the co-owner of), the most popular Greek social network site. One of the problems of is the low signal-to-noise ratio. Every day, the users upload hundreds of new photos (and other types of content like journal entries, jokes, creations, links, polls, forum posts, etc) but all photos are not created equal. Some are simply better than others. It is very difficult to navigate around all this content to find the real gems.

I have just introduced a new mash-up that tackles this very problem. Please surf and enjoy a selection of the best photos from the joyful community. This site is actively updated so check back often to meet beautiful Greek people. Even better, log-in using your OpenID identity and add comments, organize your favourites list and more. The english language is used throughout the site so users from all over the world can enjoy the quality of the content.