A new cut of Nitro

As you may know, I am the main developer behind the Nitro Web Application Framework. Nitro is almost a 3 year project now, and sadly it seems to have reached a dead end. The code base is unnecessarily complex and not documented while former active developers have switched to competitive frameworks due to my pathetic efforts to nurture the community.

For quite some time now, I am evaluating the situation and the limited success of the project. I have compiled a list of reasons of 'what went wrong'. This list, will be the topic of a future post, a ...postmortem if you will. That's right, the forthcoming Nitro/Og 0.50.0 release will be the last release of the project as it is.

I 'll still use 0.50.0 for my current projects, after all it's a flexible and robust framework that works great for me. In parallel, I am designing a prototype for a new cut of Nitro, this time implemented on JavaScript (and a little bit of Java) with quite different design decisions and methodology. The new Nitro (tentatively called N2) will incorporate everything I learned about programming for the Web and the management of open source communities over the last 3 years.

More details on this new project will be the topic of yet another post, so stay tuned ;-)