The engine behind this blog

A few of my friends where curious about the engine that powers this blog, so I decided to shed some light on this issue by writing this post.

As already revealed in the Nitro mailing list, this site runs on the experimental web application framework I am playing with for quite some time. Even though I still call it Nitro, this is really a quite different beast.

It incorporates the results of my research on web application development over the last 3 years. A few hard lessons where learned during the life cycle of the original version so I tried to fix my mistakes this time.

The original plan was to implement the new version using JavaScript or Haskell. On the way I decided it was more practical to concentrate on the high level design first and validate it with a Ruby prototype. When I am happy with the new API, and the new framework is successfully used on a few personal projects I may convert the minimal Ruby code base to JavaScript. A release of mod_v8 and/or mod_tracemonkey will most certainly be a great motivation ;-)