Palm Pre rocks my world

I have briefly blogged about Palm Pre before, but since I cannot constrain my enthusiasm about this marvelous gadget, I thought I will write some more thoughts.

Palm Pre

Please understand that I am not really excited about the sleek looks of Palm (even though it looks even better than the iPhone if you ask me). I am not excited about the impressive, smooth and intuitive user interface either. Palm is the future of mobile phones because of WebOS.

WebOS is an ingenious mix of Linux and the Browser: Linux provides the low level features and the browser is responsible for the User Interface. This is not you every-day browser by the way, Palm has integrated leading edge HTML5 features (local storage, etc) with custom WebOS specific infrastructure services (information bus, etc).

And the icing on the cake? You can use standard web technologies to develop your WebOS applications: JavaScript, HTML, CSS. Super charged of course by the modified browser rendering engine.

Utterly brilliant!