Narwhal v0.1 / Jack v0.1

The long awaited first versions of Narwhal and Jack have been finally released! From the release notes:


Narwhal is a cross-platform, multi-interpreter, general purpose JavaScript platform. It aims to provide a solid foundation for building JavaScript applications, primarily outside the web browser. Narwhal includes a package manager, module system, and standard library for multiple JavaScript interpreters. Currently Narwhal's Rhino ( support is the most complete, but other platforms ( are available too.

Narwhal's standard library conforms to the ServerJS standard ( It is designed to work with multiple JavaScript interpreters, and to be easy to add support for new interpreters. Wherever possible, it is implemented in pure JavaScript to maximize reuse of code among platforms.

Jack & JSGI:

JSGI is a web server interface specification for JavaScript, inspired by Ruby's Rack ( and Python's WSGI ( It provides a common API for connecting JavaScript frameworks and applications to webservers.

Jack is a collection of JSGI compatible handlers (connect web servers to JavaScript web application/frameworks), middleware (intercept and manipulate requests to add functionality), and other utilities (to help build middleware, frameworks, and applications).

Congratulations to the team for a high quality first release!