New blog platform

Old time readers of my blog know that I regularly change the platform that I use. Lately, I was using Google's Blogger, but I wasn't happy with the layout. Before that, I used a lovely, custom-made, Ruby-based CMS. But since I am fed-up with Ruby (after 8 years, no less) it was difficult to maintain.

Therefore, I decided to utilise my AppengineJS and Nitro open source projects to create a new platform for my blog. This new version is implemented in JavaScript, the language of the Web, and one of the languages I dig these days (the other being Haskell). Even though I am relatively pleased with the result (and the clean code behind it), there is a lot of work to be done, when I find the time.

In the meantime, please subscribe to my feed and check this blog often for interesting content. Oh, and bug reports are always welcome ;-)

Update: This blog is not based on the blog-gae example source code. In fact, the blog-gae example is outdated and does not reflect the latest improvements in Nitro and AppengineJS. Perhaps, I will release the mini CMS behind this blog as an example if there is sufficient demand...