The programming itch

You know that feeling when you just have to try out a new programming language? I find the best way to understand a language's strengths and weaknesses is by building something with it. My go-to challenge for a quick deep dive is building a rudimentary content management system (CMS) for this blog. It forces me to really dig into the quirks of the language.

This time, I'm going wild. I'm crafting my CMS using a toy language I designed myself. Okay, my language is more than a little rough around the edges (like, it might actually be terrible), but that's half the fun! I'm going to learn, iterate, and maybe even stumble upon some weird and wonderful ideas along the way.

Confession time: my blog has been a bit of a ghost town lately. But I'm stoked to get back into sharing my experiments (and the inevitable fails). If you're into the nerdy side of building things, stick around.